Eminem disses Mariah carey and nick cannon – hers what happend

I just wrote a post about Eminem disses Mariah carey but since the post was so crap I’m writing this one because you see, I did some research the last 10 minutes and there are more to the Eminem vs nick cannon / Mariah carey beef than I thought, to be honest I don’t give a f@ck about either one of the bunch so I don’t know much about them and their personal life’s, it turned out that “Eminem” and Mariah used to date back in the days. (I didn’t know this) and for whatever reason, Mariah dissed EM in her song obsessed (which I never heard and I don’t intend to) and he supposedly got dissed in the music video. I got the impression that Mariah carey claims that he is is “obsessed” with her, if that is the case I do not know he might be but according to the diss track the warning Eminem makes it clear that it’s not the case. And to be frank, I believe him. At his new album relapse he diss more celebrities than her, kim kardashian for instance. But in “bagpipes from bagdad” and the new track “the warning” he is dissing Mariah carey and her guy, nick cannon. (they might have gotten married though so it might be husband) her dude tock it bad and decided to do the masculine think which is to stand up for his woman and defend her, he decided to write some stuff about what Eminem said on the internet, unfortunately he called Eminem a racist for treating a black woman, “Mariah carey” so disrespectful (I just discovered that she is black by the way, didn’t know that?) I respect nicks effort though, of course he stands up and take her stands he is a man, but calling him a racist was really uncalled for, this had nothing to do with that the lyrics wouldn’t be any different if she were blue. Okay so he probably went at it a bit too hard, she is just a female and nick is a young comedian actor. But then again she should have considered this when she released obsessed, if you heard he’s old tracks like Kim for example, or bettles where eminem freestyles you would not play around with him. He’s skilled. he claims he have photos, taped phone calls from her before she met nick and that he will release all he have on here if she push him, this is quite interesting, but then again he might just be talking, this is being said in the warning lyrics. I debt there will be more disses from Mariah’s side but its interesting. She might comeback harder.
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