Eminem disses mariah carey and nick cannon in the warning

I just listend to eminems new song the warning and i don’t know bout you but i found it hilarius, he is hes best when he does disstracks in my opinion, i couldn’t get enough of hes disses on benzino in the source and nail in the coffin and now i have a new favorite, eminem the warning. Well, in the track “eminem disses mariah carey” and her boy friend or whatever he is to her, nick cannon and when I first heard of the beef I had no clue who nick cannon was so I had to look it up and it turned out “nick cannon” is the dude who played one of the nerds in the movie love don’t cost a thing with christina milian, believe it or not but I actualy watched it the other day.

I don’t know what she did to set this hole thing of but judging from the lyrics she and her boy must have dissed eminem somewhere resently. in “the warning”, eminem threatens to release phone calls from her and he claims he nuttted all over her tummy when he did her. I must say though, “maria carey” and nick cannon should have known better than to mess with “Eminem”, all he do is diss people, I meen he dissed britney spears, justin timberlake, Christina Aguilera, everlast etc and hes really good at it to so they should have seen this coming.

if you havent seen it there is a more informative post on the subject read eminem disses mariah carey
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