Tiger woods fart on live TV?

Here is a hilarious video clip that was actually performed on live TV, let’s call it the buick open fart, you see someone farted live and you world think its tiger woods fart but then again is it really? There are a few people around him so its quite hard to tell. If you look at the video you can see that "tiger woods" is actually laughing, if I did a thing like that publicly I would defiantly try to play it cool and pretend nothing happened. a fart is not the end of the world though so this will pass, I saw a chick puke in Swedish live TV once which was way worse. What do you think though, is it tiger woods who farts at buick open or was it someone else? Check it out yourself, its at the 29th second of the clip.

tiger woods fart video,

Was it tiger? Or is that Steve Williams next to him? Was it someone else there?
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