Kate Winslet Best Supporting Actress At Golden Globes 2009

Kate winslet wins the best supporting actress for her contribution as a Nazi prison guard Sunday 11th at the 66th golden globes 2009. The movie in question is entitled the reader and Kate winslet is portraying a guard at a Nazi prison and she’s supposed to have a love affair with a young man in captivity. (Apparently a teenage boy) the teen is played by Ralph Fiennes. I personally have had a crush on her since titanic but the 33 year old, "Kate winslet" was more beautiful than ever Sunday night and she held a long speech acting real surprised that she won (as if it was the first time) thanking her husband and others as they always do, nothing new except that she was so extremely beautiful. The fact that she won had a hand full of other celebrities depressed I would assume since they didn’t get to do their speech and getting their hands on the award them self’s. The British actress Kate winslet has also been nominated to golden globes for her role in Revolutionary Road.

I must say that out of all the female actresses Kate Winslet is one of the few Hollywood celebritys that I never get tired of watching.
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