John Cleese Dumped His Old Barbie Orr

John Cleese Was fooled badly by Hes Barbie doll Barbie Orr thinking she was 27 years old but in reality she was freaking 45!

The London comedian “John Cleese” was scammed by the actress Barbie orr who had him thinking she was 27 years old.

John Cleese the star of “Monty python” and the actress Barbie orr has been dating since after she applied for a roll in his movie. She seems to have exposed her own lies as she talked good about him to the media, saying he was very "athletic for his age".

It turned out she wasn’t that bad her self and she’s been lying about her age, to a 65 year old.
Oh well, John at your age you should be glad at lest she looks young, it would be worse if she looked 80.

They say John is a proud man who doesn’t like to be made a fool of, well he hasn’t! hes just a man. Barbie orr however is probably the one who’s uncomfortable.

Anyways he’s dumping his Barbie doll and he’s moving on and rightly so.
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Write by: RC - Thursday, January 29, 2009

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