Colin Farrell Broke Up With Emma Forrest

It doesn’t take a brain surging to figure out Colin Farrell is far from restrained in sexual chooses. I’m not surprised to have to say that Colin Farrell has broken up with Emma Forrest. Although he seemed to be digging her alot last year when they started dating, it seems he had his priorities straight and she was not included, If you don’t know, Emma Forrest is a novelist from England and she have had books published, a bunch of them actually. "Colin Farrell" held a speech at golden globes 2009 awards for his work in Bruges. He didn’t say a damn word about his girlfriend Emma. He just did not mention her at all, that’s pretty cold, they always mention people who they owe thanks to, and some even mentions their dogs. He didn’t mention Emma Forrest. Then again, Colin was married to Amelia Warner for a few months before divorce papers kicked in so it seems he’s easily bored? "Colin Farrell broke up with Emma forrest" and he is now single again.
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Write by: RC - Monday, February 16, 2009

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