Chris Browns Cell Phone Lead To The Rihanna Beating

The latest celebrity gossip has it that R&B star Chris Brown Beat up Rihanna over a booty call he received on his cell phone. The 19 year old R&B singer Chris Brown beat up Rihanna the other day. He supposedly bitch slapped and punched her in the face leaving her so badly injured she needed medical treatment at the hospital. It supposedly went down after party Adelaide, by standers heard rihannas screaming and rushed of to call the police. If gossip serves right, the fight started after Chris received a booty call on his "cell phone" from some chick offering him some sex. Rihanna saw red and the fight began. After the rihanna beating she hasn’t answered his phone calls. Even though Chris brown fans is defending him claiming he’s a nice person. (oh yes they do) Chris browns clean and innocent image is at serious risk. He’s been ditched from a large advertising campaign and radio station here and there in the US want plays his music at the moment. And as if that wasn’t enough, the rap star jay-z is mad as hell, when he heard about the assault against rihanna he threatened Chris, his suppose to have said something it the lines of “he’s a dead man” Oh well, jay z isn’t a scary guy but anyways. Roomer has it that, chris brown received a text message on his cell phone offering him some and rihanna saw the message and she got pissed off, she started an argument and then she left the lambo they were in. chris wanted rihanna to get back in the car and sit down. He tried to pull her back in but she resisted so he punched her in the face. She throw the keys to the Lamborghini out the window and after that he bitch slapped, punched and bit her. Her face was noticeably messed up and she was screaming. I have tried to find some "rihanna hospital photos", "rihanna injury photos" etc. so fare I haven’t found any. After the battery, Chris brown turned him self in to the L.A.P.D. he was charged with criminal offence charges and paid the bail on $50.000 and got out.

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Write by: RC - Saturday, February 14, 2009

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