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Okay.. So its obvious that there is more important and more rewarding things to talk about than the every day life’s of stupid celebrities but I’m amazed enough to blog about the latest celebrity gossip.

Are you about as amazed as I am regarding famous people and what they’re up to? I mean they screw everything walking. I mean what is it, if I were to speculate 1 in 5 celebrities have boob jobs? 1 in 2 celebrities’ is cheating constantly etc. There is more than enough to talk about therefore I made this "celebrity news" blog. Latest Celebrity news is dedicated to "Hollywood scandals", news story’s and just everyday gossip of famous people. To make sure you get the most embarrassing, hilarious, and serious story’s of today’s stars so to speak.

I will leave the nude photos and nasty storeys out as there is other blogs out there who can provide you with that but if there is a scandal like a nip slip or a up skirt, well discuss it here at lest. This is just an opening message at "latest celebrity news" just to let you know this blog is here, if you enjoy reading gossip and news about Hollywood stars than "the latest celebrity gossip" is for you.
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Write by: RC - Monday, December 22, 2008

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