Charles Manson Photo Released 2009

This is a blog with current celebrity news but its sad that i have to say, I’m not of topic on this one. charles manson, the psychotic cult leader who, whit his stupid cult members (primarily females) murdered several innocent people, sharon tate was one of their victims. Manson became famous, a bit of a celeb. But locked up for life of course. The killing spree of the manson family took place 1969. manson and a bunch of stupid hippie girls, susan atkins, inda kasabian,Leslie van Houten, patricia krenwinkel and a male charles watson did the killing and was captured and thrown in prison shortly after. before the manson killing the hole bunch where living in a ranch somewhere in texas, bumming food, eat from the trash cans, took Dr¤s you know, the average hippy life style. They were outcasts; I saw it on a documentary once. charles manson had been in and out of jail for petty crimes all his life, stole cars etc. he had a peek of freedom and that’s when he gathered up a bunch of young and lost hippies to go live at the ranch. they had lots of kids, and again they eat from the trash (i had to say it again) to make the long story short, charles manson photos have been taken over the years of him but it was some time since the last manson pic was out. Today (Wednesday) there was a new photo released of him. he is now 74 years old, his been locked up for over 40 years. Him as well as the rest of the family members have tried hard to get out of jail over the last four decades but of course, no success what so ever. People like manson are not suppose to wonder the street with normal people.
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Write by: RC - Thursday, March 19, 2009

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