90210: Did You Watch?

I’m bummed. I missed last night’s episode of the new 90210 (but it repeats on Thursday so I was keeping my cool. – I know, I know I need to get DVR …) Anyway, I was feeling okay about my decision to watch the 2-hour season premier of The Biggest Losers Couples Edition (I’m obsessed – it’s really inspirational!) until I read my email, checked the news, and turned on my phone ... OMG. Dylan McKay is Kelly Taylor’s baby daddy! This is big news. Does this mean a potential role (though he denies) or possibly a cameo or two (or three or four)?!? Kelly (I mean Jennie Garth) chatted with People about the revelation. Here’s a bit of what she had to say.

"It was very confusing for me because initially the idea of having a son was my idea. I thought it would bring a great amount of depth to my character. Then the question came up, ‘Well, who’s the father?’ And I really hadn’t thought it through that far. So, I was like, Oh, I guess need one of those. It’s gone back and forth: Who and what and when and why? I think they settled on Dylan because Kelly and Dylan had such a passionate relationship in the past. Their relationship was so heated. It was kind of undeniable … I would love to work with Luke [Perry] again. I love him dearly. And I also would love to work with Jason [Priestley] again. It’s a great question for the producers. I would be nothing but totally happy to have either of them there."
... He better show.
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